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I had tried talking to friends about what I had been experiencing for a while, but I was not very comfortable to tell them. I thought about their responses and how they will react knowing that I had sore and smelling discharge. I wasn’t even sure what the infection was at that moment.

So I decided to do ask the Internet as usual since the Internet almost always has a say about everything. I searched and searched and searched. I googled everything from itching vagina to how to get the fastest treatment, then I stumbled on Confident Woman.

I chatted the number I met online, and she responded to me and explained all I was growing through, she asked me to try out the herbal product (Confident Woman). I made orders and it was brought to my house in Lagos, Since it was a liquid product, I decided to try it as I hated tablets and wasn’t very comfortable with creams. Within the first 5days, all the pains, itching were gone, I was amazed, and after 2 weeks all smells gone. I expected it to work, but I didn’t expect it to work so fast.

I am so relieved with the outcome of Confident Woman, and I will totally recommend this product to ladies out there. It has been tried and is trusted by me. You don’t need to suffer those discomforts again, just try Confident Woman.


Joy from Igando, Lagos

Not again, when I noticed these symptoms again, I wasn’t very happy. After so many drugs, tests and therapies; the symptoms were coming back again, and I was not happy about it. I decided to tell my boyfriend. My mother had been the one taking me to the clinics and treatment centres, and I didn’t want to bother her about it this time.

My boyfriend, James, was unusually cool about it; maybe it was because he studied Microbiology in the university. I expected him to accuse me of infidelity, but he didn’t. He said he trusted me, and that he will talk to his colleagues on recommendations for treatment.

I wasn’t expecting much since I had tried a lot of fungal and bacterial creams and even more tablets. He called me after two weeks to say he got a recommendation for a herbal product which he heard was very effective. He said I should give this product, (Confident Woman) a try.

I agreed since I had already brought him into the situation, and I didn’t want him to feel like his efforts were wasted. I also trusted that, as a microbiologist, he would have gone through the product description before recommending it to me.

So I gave it a try according to the dosage (once in 4 days) that was prescribed. I told my boyfriend to give at least one month before he asked for feedbacks since I didn’t want him to keep asking me every day about the outcome.

In less than a month, all the symptoms were cleared. I was so relieved. I had to call James myself and excitedly told him of the outcome. We decided to wait a while before taking a test to confirm. Lo and behold, everything was gone. Nothing was found from my test result. I’m so happy, I trust Confident Woman


Tope from Mushin, Lagos

I knew I was very sensitive to dirty environments, and I did everything in my power to stay away from dirt. This was until I got this job where the toilet facilities were faulty. When I started working there, I was told that it was a minor maintenance issue which they were going to handle as soon as possible. The repair took over one month, and in that time, I had to relieve myself at the toilet of a nearby restaurant.

This toilet was not so clean, and I feared infection, so I only used it when I couldn’t hold myself any longer. I started noticing pains during urination, and grey white hair, and I knew that my worst fear had come to pass; I had a genital infection. As soon as I noticed it, I panicked and did all the research I could do on genital/urinary tract infections and pids

I then found out about Confident Womanfrom a Facebook post of a friend; I asked how about the potency, and she said it was the best product she had ever used till date. I decided to give it a try since I trusted my friend’s opinion and had also done a bit of research on the topic.

I placed order online, and took it religiously according to the dosage prescribed, I was very surprised when all the symptoms disappeared within just 3weeks. It felt like a miracle. To confirm that I had nothing to worry about, I decided to carry out a test. The results showed that I was perfect. I even explained the symptoms which I had felt to the laboratory scientist, and she said that whatever cause those symptoms had bee destroyed. I was so happy, thank God for Confident Woman


Blessing from Lekki, Lagos

A word from our patients



Since I was a runs girl before, but I completely stopped when I became a born again, I have experienced discomfort in my genital area, painful intercourse, and sperm leakage. The symptoms will come at intervals, and after a short period of taking drugs, they will go. I hated the experience and wished that there was a permanent solution to these symptoms. Most of my friends didn’t know about this experience; they just also I was allergic to something, and that was why I took those drugs.

While waiting in church after service, I overheard some ladies talking about Confident Womanand how it had been a miracle product. I overcame my fear of anyone knowing about my conditions, and I asked the girls for more details on the product. One of them was a medical student, and he said she would recommend the product for anyone who had a genital infection.

She also said it was a liquid product, and that made it even more potent. I decided to ask a pharmacist about the using herbs in curing genital infections, and the pharmacist said he didn’t see anything wrong, that herbs are also effective.

That was when I bought confident woman online, and I used it continuously for about one 2weeks, I didn’t experience those symptoms again. I felt like I had been delivered. It’s over three months since I took Confident Woman, and I have not experienced those symptoms. I know I will never experience them again.

I am very grateful for Confident Woman, and I will recommend it for ladies with similar symptoms. It cures everything.

Rita from Lekki,Lagos


I had gone to the pharmacy to request for a stronger antifungal cream. The last one they gave me didn’t work so well, I still experienced sperm leakage, which as prevent me from getting pregnant,But I wanted something that will clear the symptoms completely.

I am not a fan of herbal products, and I was a bit sceptical when my friend recommended Confident Woman. He said it was a quick and total remedy, and since I trusted his professional opinion; I decided to get one.

I took it as was recommended, and within a month of taking Confident Woman, all the symptoms were cleared. I even forgot that I had those symptoms until I saw the bottle recently in the house. I can’t remember what the pains anymore because I decided to give Confident Womana try.

I am very grateful to the manufacturers of herbs. They have brought me relief in a way I didn’t imagine was possible. I totally recommend confident woman for those going through similar situations. All hope is not lost with Confident Woman.

Confident Woman was developed to help Nigerian women through those embarrassing pains, and I am very glad that I found Confident Woman when I needed it most

Ayomide from Oshodi,Lagos


My youngest sister had confided in me about rashes  in her genital area, vaginal discharge, pain and itching. She felt that since I was a botanist, I would be able to recommend something that would make it go away.

I talked to some of my colleagues about it, and one of them mentioned Confident Woman. I had not heard about Confident Woman before then. He said he had a patient who used it after sessions of chemical therapy. I even made enquires from the patient and checked the patient’s records myself to be sure of the potency of Confident Woman before recommending it for my sister.

She started taking it, and within 2weeks, all the symptoms she experienced were totally gone. She was so happy that I could help her, and I was, even more, happier because I know what that symptoms like that could become complicated and affect her fertility.

She also told me of her friends who have tried Confident Woman based on her recommendations, and how they have gotten similar results. Confident Woman offers a total remedy to this unpleasant condition. My sister has been recommending Confident Womanto her friends, and I recommend it too.

It is indeed the best herbal genital infection remedy.

Dayo, from challenge, Ibadan

The best reference


When Sade told me that she had some symptoms that similar to a genital infection, I was bothered. We both decided not to have sex when we got into this relationship, and I was a bit confused about where a genital infection could come from since we were not in a sexual relationship. After I got over my shock, I decided to research on female genital infections, and I found out that it could be gotten through other ways that didn’t involve sexual intercourse.

That was when I decided to help her find a permanent cure. I loved her and wanted to plan a life with her, so I had to be involved. I asked a friend of mine who once complained about the issues and had overcome it for recommendations since I was almost cluelessshe told me about Confident Woman. I was very sceptical when he said it was a herbal product because there are a lot of herbal products everywhere. But since she assured me of the potency, I decided to tell Sade about it.

She decided to give it a try for about a month after which she will use drugs if there were no improvements. I agreed to her suggestion. Within a month an of using Confident Woman, all the symptoms Sade experienced were gone.; I was so happy.

Confident Womannot only made my girlfriend infection free, but it also made our relationship stronger. She now talks to me about more personal things than before.

We even ran a test together to confirm that everything was gone. I’m so grateful for Confident Woman, and I totally recommend it.


Madu from V.I, Lagos

When I heard girls talk about genital infections in my hostel, I always thought it was as a result of their sexual promiscuity. This was until I started experiencing symptoms similar to those associated with genital infection, and I knew otherwise.

I decide to try a bunch of pills; some gave short-term relief; others did not change any thing at all. I heard about Confident Womanfrom a girl in my hostel. She was visiting my roommate and was told her about this new product which she used. She said she never knew herbal products were that efficient until she tried Confident Woman. I decided to give a try.

Before I bought it, I also made enquiries from pharmacists who also recommended it stating that they didn’t think it had harmful potential. I started using Confident Woman, and I followed the dosage instructions very carefully.

The relief I got from Confident Womanis unexplainable. All the pains, itching and odours were totally gone. I had never felt better. I am very grateful that I found Confident Woman.

I have also recommended it to some friends, and it has worked 100% for everyone. Confident Womanis the best remedy for female genital infections, and it clears the infection without a trace.


Nkem from Unilag, Lagos

When I first heard about Confident Woman, I wasn’t very convinced because I felt that it was like so many ineffective herbal products around. But since there were a lot of testimonies about the product from people I knew, I decided to give it a try.

I was determined to put an end to the symptoms I had been experiencing since I was a young adult, and I took Confident Womanwith all diligence. The result was astonishing. I had used a lot of drugs and creams in the past, so what I got from Confident Womanwas one of a kind.

I am so relieved, and I am grateful that effective herbal products exist. There is already so much bad publicity about herbal products, and Confident Womanhas shown up to change that fact.

I have also recommended v to friends who complained about similar symptoms; the result has been awesome. I know what I went through when I was trying the different products, and I do not want anyone to go through that stress. Just try Confident Woman!


Chizoba from Portharcout

I never knew early that this was the cause of deflation of my confidence and self-esteem, especially when I had genital infections, and that was why I didn’t want to tell anyone about the symptoms I was experiencing when they started. I finally decided to tell my best friend. If I was going to tell anyone, it should be her, I thought.

I was even more surprised when she said she had experienced something similar for a while, and that she used a herbal product to cure it. She then told me about Confident Womanand how it had worked for her giving her a quick remedy. She also told me that it was a completely natural product with easy-to-use instructions.

I started taking Confident Womanat the beginning of august, and at the beginning of september, all the symptoms were gone with no side effect. I am very happy that I overcame stigmatisation, and I talked to Becky about the symptoms I had.

Confident Woman has also put smiles on the faces of other girls that had similar symptoms to the ones I had. I am very grateful for this God-sent product, and I recommend it for ladies with genital infections.

Get Confident Womanand experience the best natural genital infection remedy.


Fope, Molete Ibadan

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